DSC01289-LI am Aliz, from Hungary, who is fortunate enough to be married to her soul mate, an amazing, loving, supportive and witty Englishman.   We currently live in the United Arab Emirates, so our lives are affected by a bit of a fusion of different cultures. I find it very exciting to get to know the British culture through my husband and to share mine with him while soaking into the Arab world at the same time.

This blog came to life to share my enthusiasm for my interests including holistic health, food and travel around the world.

As I believe in holistic health, I talk about nutrition, vegetarian and vegan food and aim to share my favourite recipes from around the world. I try to show that vegetarian cooking should not be dull or boring but rather flavourful and exciting.

As I am a bit of fitness devotee, I also share my experiences about my tried and tested forms of exercises, too. I don’t advocate for any particular type of exercise, but my goal is to review several of them to help you choose which suits you best.

As I am a bit of a travel addict too, this blog gives some insights into my favorite travel destinations both in Arabia and beyond.

And well, let’s see how it evolves and where it takes me and my readers! Come with me on this journey and let me know what you think.

Best Wishes,


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