BodyBalance is an exercise regime of Les Mills, the global fitness company from New Zealand. It is a unique exercise concept, influenced by yoga, tai chi and Pilates. The aim of the approach is to build core strength, enhance flexibility, improve balance and contribute to mental and spiritual wellbeing. It is a truly holistic workout, which is attentive to physical strength and spiritual renewal, supporting a balanced life philosophy. As such, it is in perfect alignment with the outlook on life that Papaya Park is here to promote. Let’s take a closer look at BodyBalance.

BodyBalanceLes Mills

BodyBalance is a 55-minute workout (consisting of 45 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of relaxation), which begins with a gentle Tai Chi routine to warm up the body via long, flowing moves. This is followed by a series of yoga poses, called Sun Salutations, which include 12 poses designed to develop core strength and to stretch muscles and spine. Sun Salutations also tone abdominals and contribute to the warm-up of the body. This is followed by standing yoga postures, including warrior and triangle poses, to strengthen and tone the body.

The next phase of the routine focuses on balance. It requires concentration to achieve balance in certain challenging poses. Nonetheless, it is fun and it improves stability, which is neglected within most of the modern exercise routines. The balance phase is followed by hip openers for supple hips. These yoga poses also help circulation in legs, help back pain and promote better posture. The next phase of the routine focuses on the core of the body, using Pilates exercises to strengthen abs and back. Thereafter, focus is given to twists and forward bends, which aid flexibility of the hamstring muscles and improve suppleness of the back.

The routine ends with 10-minutes of relaxation and meditation. This last part of the program is designed to enhance the impact of the routine and establish mental and spiritual balance in the body.

The various phases of the routine are accompanied by different music, reflecting the pace and style of the given element. The music tends to be very well chosen.

BodyBalance is updated every quarter. The choreography is modified and the music changes, so it ensuring that it never gets boring.

BodyBalance is not complicated but it is challenging and the moves are harmonic and beautiful. They leave you feeling relaxed and revived. At the end of the class your mental and physical balance feels restored.

As BodyBalance is an integrated and holistic routine, it has a number of benefits, it is worth giving it a go.

Benefits include the following:

  1. Improved flexibility of joints and muscles
  2. Supple spine and improved posture
  3. Enhanced core strength
  4. Better cardiovascular health
  5. Restored symmetry of the body and better stability
  6. Reduced stress levels, improved alertness, calmness and well-being

If you wish to take a brief look at the workout, watch the Les Mills video below.

I encountered BodyBalance earlier this year and right after the first class I felt that it was a perfect choice for me. Ever since I have been a fan and I go this class several times a week. I would encourage you to find your nearest Les Mills licensed gym, give it a go end enjoy the benefits!

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